What is available?

Shared lives and supported placements offer vulnerable young people, adults with learning disabilities or mental health and older people the chance to receive the care and support they need in a different setting to the family home, or the supported accommodation, in which they usually live.

Placements are arranged in the homes of carers who have been recruited, trained and approved for this purpose. Placements can be short term, lasting anything from one night to several weeks, enabling both the person with learning disabilities and their carers to have a break. Or they can be more long term, providing the opportunity for the person receiving support to live as part of the family. Emergency placements are also available.

Supported living solutions

Shared lives (adult placement) and supported placements.

Who can get a placement?

People over the age of 16 who live in the borough and are one of the following groups:

  • Vulnerable young people
  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Adults with mental health
  • Older people

In order to work out what your needs are and whether a placement is the best way to meet them, we will need to carry out an assessment.

After the assessment we will identify your needs with you and discuss the help and support available to meet them.

How much does it cost?

There will be some cost but the actual amount you pay will depend on what services you receive. You may be able to get help with the costs and we will help you fill out a financial assessment form to see if you qualify for financial help.

Do you want more choice and control?

We may provide or arrange services for you but there are other ways of getting the support you need. You can choose to have a Personal Budget and use the money that you receive from us to arrange your own support.

What are Personal Budgets?

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